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New Century of Business Needs

New Customers – Search
Existing Customers – Save
Customers Management – Synchronize

Quote by: John Andy, the management GURU in Europh, 2006

Expanding Value, Building Loyalty 

  • In Touch with your customers (Communicate, thank you them
    Let them know, you are still around, Let them know, your new products & services
  • Listen to your customers (Create chances for them to complaint or praise (Is better then, they don’t talk to you)
  • Let the customers know, you care for them. -Remember them (birthdays, greeting, theirs product recycle periods, special promotion for them only, upgrade services, special free voucher, discount voucher…)

Supply Chain Management – Timely, Short & Accurate

  • Internal – Meeting Reminder, Short Memo, Reminder, Notice, Short Info.etc
  • Suppliers – quotation request, Info. Request, Price Up date, logistic Info, short coordination notice.etc
  • Dealers – Price up date, New Products and Services up date, announcements, credit reminder. Etc

SmartSMS PROFESSIONAL, give you the solution to expanding business value and building customers loyalty

SmartSMS PROFESSIONAL is targeted to companies or individuals who want to broadcast SMS in bulk and would want to have a dedicated channel to be in contact with the customers or others via SMS. It is like Microsoft Outlook to email; SmartSMS is designed to apply the same concept to SMS messages.  

SmartSMS Pro  - SMS Database Management Application (Stand alone Based)

- To enable management of SMS using 2N EASYGATE GSM GATEWAY.
- Direct connectivity to the 2N EASYGATE via serial connection so management of SMS can be done in real time.


Plug and Play installation into the personal computer or notebook with serial connection (stand alone based)

Single GSM MODEM / 2N EasyGate
SMS Speeds: 600 SMS/Hours


User friendliness Interface, similar to Mircosoft outlook. "Outlook send email, where people need to connect online and read, SmartSMS via computer send sms where people received SMS immediately with their mobile phone"



 Address Book - full detail, include birthday and special day remarks.
 Import address book database from Sim card, Excel, Text File
 Address Book Search ; You can now perform a search for an entry in your address book. In the dialog, input the name, mobile number, email address, company name..etc    
 Database Grouping - for group sending or sceduler sending

 SMS Composer: This enables you to write new messages which connect directly to the contact list for ease of use. SMARTSMS PRO is able to send multiple users and multiple SMS. Messages are queued and sent by the sequence.

SMS Template & Signature:  SMARTSMS PRO provides own make template & signature in SMS Composer to enables easy composition of SMS. This provides convenience when you need to send the same messages over and over. Template & Signature can be create according to business needs.

SMS Scheduer: SMARTSMS PRO has the ability to respond to scheduling SMS request by users. Schedule of tasks may be done hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.

Manage InBOX and outBOX- reply, forward, delete
Athentication Code and Security
Exit SmartSMS application


More information, please contact us at 03 8061 4481



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